Il Bar –La Rinascente Milano


“Life is a combination of magic and pasta”– Federico Fellini-

Lying there, in front of the majestic Duomo, at the left side facing it, there is this magnum store that’s a paradise for all men and women- La Rinascente; a sublime modern paragon to the classical Duomo. –The beating heart of Milano–.

All one is looking for; hence from high-end designers such as Gucci and Chanel, to classic Italian Moleskine, Alessi home wear and other traditional brands.

This city is the best place to visit if you are fancy, from stylish avenues, to preppy stores, best shopping, best drinks, and best crew. When you enter to la Rinascente you MUST go to ”il Bar”, that’s located on the rooftop of the building in the gourmet level.

When you arrive to the 7th floor, the gourmet store, you could spend there hours and hours, browsing between hundreds of high-end species, dolci, dressings, and pastas. A true italian hodge-podge.

There are food corners where you can take home fresh burrata, aged parmigiano reggiano as well as white tartufo among other delicatessen- Mamma mia!.

And there is also a specialized chocolate place where you can find pistaccio truffles, sweet wine chocolates, and even shoe shaped figures for a trendy gift.

When one is done with this paradisiac encounter, it’s impossible not to be driven by the terrace outside. The first thing to notice at a glimpse is the stunning view of the south part of il Duomo, all the saints sculptures, gothic arches, art details, and the pure ivory on which this fascinating building stands on.

Once there, if you are lucky enough to find something available, the host will guide you to this sexy spot, kind of beach lounge decoration, with couches and small tables facing each other.

One will find surrounded by fashionable milanesi that are regulars, or by tourists that love good places. The food is good, ideal for a light lunch. The menu is mainly based in sandwiches, pastas and salads.

I highly recommend Prosciutto Schiacciata, perfect for pairing your drink and enjoy the view. The bar specialty is The Spritz,  -the iconic Milanese drink-, made by Aperol, a bit of sparkling water and Prosecco, don’t forget to order one. You could have a special brunch or even book the place for a special event and live the milanesi life style in this bar.

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