Quay- Sydney


You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”    Kurt Vonnegut

 Luxurious dinning, sightseeing the Sydney’s magnanimous opera. Upon arrival, you bump into a modern metal grey building, so strange that you didn’t realize how to get in; after walking  around you’ll find the elevator that would get you up to the main entry.

Glass everywhere, from floor to ceiling this place is where your and your ego can be delighted; Everything is meant for enjoying the fabulous food and environment.

Red, Blue, Gold velvet everywhere, mirrors also in the ceiling a decadent view from every perspective, some romantic lights that are being handled according to the movement of the sun in order for you to enjoy the perfect view of the chromatic colors of the sunset that’s mise en scène perfectly through the harbor bridge.

Picture yourselves there, with the menu on your hands, what would you think when you see one course that’s named:“Steamed King George Whitening, native coastal greens, hatsuka radish, smoked oyster crakling”.

That’s right! If you read my mind (and if you are not an adventurous type) you will consider twice in ordering the eight course tasting menu, because in all the other seven courses you will only recognize 3 ingredients top!. But given that my husband is the adventurous type, and that you are not any given day on Sydney’s best restaurant; I went for it.

I’m going to let you experience it yourselves, but I can describe it as an outburst of surprisesBeautifully set in perfect portions and presentations. The mix of flavors and textures in each course where designed to match entirely with each other.

The Snow egg Berry flavored was my favorite, is the culminating ending. This dessert reminded me as when you see the snow for the first time, stunning and powerful, but fragile at the same time… this dessert is so different and original you would think twice on breaking it. The exterior seems like white fleece, and when you get to the center of the meringue is like the finale of a impeccable savory composition.

As many of the top restaurants there are options of wine pairing, whichever you choose, your experience would be even more remarkable. I choose the premium option, on which they offer you selected brands and vintages. You will never forget this wines, and you better write them down, so you can look for them later on.

Peter Gilmore’s experience is a must when you find yourself in Sydney.


Il Bar –La Rinascente Milano


“Life is a combination of magic and pasta”– Federico Fellini-

Lying there, in front of the majestic Duomo, at the left side facing it, there is this magnum store that’s a paradise for all men and women- La Rinascente; a sublime modern paragon to the classical Duomo. –The beating heart of Milano–.

All one is looking for; hence from high-end designers such as Gucci and Chanel, to classic Italian Moleskine, Alessi home wear and other traditional brands.

This city is the best place to visit if you are fancy, from stylish avenues, to preppy stores, best shopping, best drinks, and best crew. When you enter to la Rinascente you MUST go to ”il Bar”, that’s located on the rooftop of the building in the gourmet level.

When you arrive to the 7th floor, the gourmet store, you could spend there hours and hours, browsing between hundreds of high-end species, dolci, dressings, and pastas. A true italian hodge-podge.

There are food corners where you can take home fresh burrata, aged parmigiano reggiano as well as white tartufo among other delicatessen- Mamma mia!.

And there is also a specialized chocolate place where you can find pistaccio truffles, sweet wine chocolates, and even shoe shaped figures for a trendy gift.

When one is done with this paradisiac encounter, it’s impossible not to be driven by the terrace outside. The first thing to notice at a glimpse is the stunning view of the south part of il Duomo, all the saints sculptures, gothic arches, art details, and the pure ivory on which this fascinating building stands on.

Once there, if you are lucky enough to find something available, the host will guide you to this sexy spot, kind of beach lounge decoration, with couches and small tables facing each other.

One will find surrounded by fashionable milanesi that are regulars, or by tourists that love good places. The food is good, ideal for a light lunch. The menu is mainly based in sandwiches, pastas and salads.

I highly recommend Prosciutto Schiacciata, perfect for pairing your drink and enjoy the view. The bar specialty is The Spritz,  -the iconic Milanese drink-, made by Aperol, a bit of sparkling water and Prosecco, don’t forget to order one. You could have a special brunch or even book the place for a special event and live the milanesi life style in this bar.

Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar – Positano


“As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, and as I drank their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy and to make plans.”  – Ernest Hemingway-

“Sienna Miller was here last week”, the waiter told us – I immediately knew we had come to the right place

Positano is a small and romantic port town situated in one of the fabulous cliffs on the Mediterranean coast of Italy. The town is full of stunning views and places, but the one considered “la crème de la crème “is Le Sirenuse. The exterior of the hotel takes one back to the grand baroque of the 17th century, albeit with luxurious cars parked on the outside instead of horse carriages.

Upon arrival, the courtesy and attention are on point as the personnel make you feel like a movie star – I can only imagine how real stars are welcomed here.

The restaurant and the Champagne bar divide the breathtaking sea-view terrace. The first thing to come across with is a giant marble tub filled with fresh lobster and seafood. One can personally select what one wants to eat from this tub, thus the ultimate freshness and quality is guaranteed.

It is the ultimate luxury; one feels the stars over the head while observing the immensity of the sea that meets the sky, ultimately getting lost in admiration just like in a Victor Hugo’s tale.

Le Sirenuse is a piece of a lightning puzzle that conforms this romantic town. All the hotels and houses are lightened up in the cliffs under a sky full of stars.

While I was contemplating all the magnificent boats parked on the water, getting lost on my thoughts trying to figure out the history of this place – how the sailors and commerce helped the development and empowerment of this Italian picturesque spot in the Amalfitan coast, the sommelier approached us and offered a glass of champagne, sided by a few giant Italian olives and onion chips.

The decoration of this place reminds you the Versailles opulence  – the flowers, the big chairs with a bunch of cushions, the big vases – all designed to complete the royal experience of being there.

The place has a nice selection of wines – a nice 2002 Barolo or a 2008 Amarone, to name a few, thus any selection will do just fine. Just enjoy the luxury of being on top.